24 April 2010

19 April 2010


This week and the last...millions of people are pissed off with the volcano...it's pee'd on everyones holiday plans, its pretty much annoyed me because i'm playing a show with Chain & The Gang without the awesome Sticks! (stuck in Portugal, I hope the guys get home soon, so I'm pretty nervous today), but in other news, recommeded 12"s!!! shit i have been hooked on for weeks which I will be using soon!

Hipnotic - Are You Lonely?
Canadian only of this classic from 1983! Definatly one that crosses the streams for the hip-hop/soul/disco guys and gals! re-issues from Downtown so don't go hunting for the real thing (but if you can afford, go for it!)

The Whole Darn Family - Seven Minutes Of Funk
What can I say, it's pretty much a classic and break on this used from EPMD to Alkaholiks to Jay-Z, full of the awesome vibes and flavours! The original would be taken, mixed by the original b-boys of the 70's and the 80's and rapped all over! some of the meanest bass-lines of all time!

Marley Marl - Marley Marl Scratch feat. MC Shan
Ultra-Fucking Rare!!! featuring MC Shan, This classic is a great party record! but unfortunatly, not very known...could be an advantage for some! But again a hard one to pull in a party, so warning...

Force M.D's - Let me Love You (Remastered)
 80's Rare groove killer, One of them really rare Tommy Boy releases which I kind of got into pretty late and then later on started to appreciate! on the flip it's Tears and i have no idea if this one is highly available! but again it's a classic, used by tonnes of people! One to check!

Lil Louis & The World - I Called U / Conversation / Why'd U Fall
Well I could have put some Virgo stuff on that Chicago house feel but Lil' Louis is so underrated and this 12" has the great cuts of I Called U / Conversation / Why'd U Fall. Jesus this get's all the girls on the floor! Nice One!!!

Check this shit!

Well the next post might be something on Moondymann, or Theo Parrish or maybe i might think of putting up one of them rare hardcore 7"s and 12"s....Shit son! I dont know...Well now off to play with Ian Svenonius and shit!...


12 April 2010

Could be worse...

Malcolm McClaren dying had a big impact to many of us in the creative community but let's not forget the great achievements and explore more of his work! he will certainly be missed...

This has made me smile this week!

viewing some great records that have inspired me to DJ more with I stumbled upon this one!

To this one...
Well all I can say to that is...Chillin'!

To a long lost favorite and I don't care what you say at all!...

Have a nice day Kids!...