19 April 2010


This week and the last...millions of people are pissed off with the volcano...it's pee'd on everyones holiday plans, its pretty much annoyed me because i'm playing a show with Chain & The Gang without the awesome Sticks! (stuck in Portugal, I hope the guys get home soon, so I'm pretty nervous today), but in other news, recommeded 12"s!!! shit i have been hooked on for weeks which I will be using soon!

Hipnotic - Are You Lonely?
Canadian only of this classic from 1983! Definatly one that crosses the streams for the hip-hop/soul/disco guys and gals! re-issues from Downtown so don't go hunting for the real thing (but if you can afford, go for it!)

The Whole Darn Family - Seven Minutes Of Funk
What can I say, it's pretty much a classic and break on this used from EPMD to Alkaholiks to Jay-Z, full of the awesome vibes and flavours! The original would be taken, mixed by the original b-boys of the 70's and the 80's and rapped all over! some of the meanest bass-lines of all time!

Marley Marl - Marley Marl Scratch feat. MC Shan
Ultra-Fucking Rare!!! featuring MC Shan, This classic is a great party record! but unfortunatly, not very known...could be an advantage for some! But again a hard one to pull in a party, so warning...

Force M.D's - Let me Love You (Remastered)
 80's Rare groove killer, One of them really rare Tommy Boy releases which I kind of got into pretty late and then later on started to appreciate! on the flip it's Tears and i have no idea if this one is highly available! but again it's a classic, used by tonnes of people! One to check!

Lil Louis & The World - I Called U / Conversation / Why'd U Fall
Well I could have put some Virgo stuff on that Chicago house feel but Lil' Louis is so underrated and this 12" has the great cuts of I Called U / Conversation / Why'd U Fall. Jesus this get's all the girls on the floor! Nice One!!!

Check this shit!

Well the next post might be something on Moondymann, or Theo Parrish or maybe i might think of putting up one of them rare hardcore 7"s and 12"s....Shit son! I dont know...Well now off to play with Ian Svenonius and shit!...