27 October 2010

Subterranean Beauty - Drexciyan Deep Society

...Drexciya drains the claps, cowbells and the tom toms , siphons off the salsa from Electro. With the vocoder ID deleted, 90's Electro becomes even more enthralling, even more inhibiting. Such tracks as 93's Danger Bay and Positron Island are monsters from the low end which submerge you in a liquid dystopia. Acrid frequencies clench the nerves like tazers, oscillations wince across the body in wave motion, abrasive tones remove cotton wool from your ears and vigorously scour inside your brainpan. jagged snare velocities pinch the nerves until you're locked uptight. Sea Snake's scorching deathray sweeps the seacraters with it's acoustic searchlight of astringent 303...

From the jagged city views of the 313, arose the idea of a subterranean society, of Drexciyans, Lardossans, Darthouvan Fish-Men and Mutant Gillmen alike - an underwater society, where the Drexicyan race where the ancestors of pregnant black slaves bound to the Americas from Africa and thrown into the sea, for being either disruptive cargo or for being sick, into the Black Atlantic. The idea of the Drexciyan race coming into fruitation -  a underwater society that developed the ability to breathe underwater and to create a more advanced civilization than us, through the white slave masters ability of "mixing genetics and the widespread destruction of whole societies" by dumping and trading so called cargo in the Black Atlantic but this isn't certainly the case on the Black Atlantic as in the case of trading to Europe and the Asias, population displacement , pillaging and cross culture mix-ups where felt everywhere, though these theories are actually much older than they can suggest, the idea of ancient mariners seeing humanoid sea creatures like mermaids or other sea-based humanoids or creatures, 'lagoon people' are still folklore in many parts of the world. Could the case be that underwater society is the mirror image of our society today, though the beauty and ugly images of our society can reflect this though Drexciyan sociological thinking would not base itself on the idea that brutalistic land-beings, bastardising mans thinking into the idea of isolationism, tribalism, media wars on population thinking and war. These concepts where taken about by the late James Stinson and Greald Donald, who remained anonymous till after Stinsons death, they created a Atlantean bass concept, the sound of the deep, of advanced technological societies and sounds, where one brother co-operated with another brother in such harsh environments - could the sound of deep get any deeper?
Though they never played live and they released a populous amount of material which is coming out time after time as Stinson said in one interview before his death in 2002 where see and feel more of there concept to our ears, none more so than with the current Turner Prize 2010 nominees the Otolith Group who have taken the Drexciyan idea of the 'Atlantean' sea and made a series of videos depicting the sea at the dawn hours where it looks like it's giving birth and opening up as Otolith Group member Kodwo Eshun once described it on The Wire mag. You can see on those videos that sheer beauty and violence brew up even in the sea.
Drexciya collaborated a lot with the Underground Resistance, another influential group or movement within the Detroit structure, in which my opinion released some of the most important works (even to the point where famed Detroit artist Abdul Haqq did the illustrations both for UR and Drexciya in which it may have depicted the modern tech-footsoldier in UR's world of the modern waste to Drexciyas underwater beings)of Stinson and Donald though this would be an understatement considering that fact that most of there work is flawless, rich in textures and deep with sounds that make you feel like an Aquanaut (ironically a UR release too!), and considering that each song was recorded live they where not possible to play live, which is my huge draw to Drexciya. 

Drexciya Recommended.

Drexciya - Neptunes Lair (Tresor 1999) 2x12"LP

Polymono Plexusgel

Drexciya - Grava 4 (Clone 2002) 2x12"LP
Gravity Waves

Drexciya - The Quest (Submerge Recording 1997) 2x12"LP
Beyond The Abyss

Singles and EP's:-
Drexciya - Deep Sea Dweller (Shockwave Records - 1992) 12" 

Drexciya - Bubble Metropolis (Underground Resistence - 1993)12" EP

Aqua Worm Hole

Drexciya - The Return of Drexciya EP (Underground Resistance - 1996)12" EP

Bang Bang